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Lueddeke Law Firm

The Lueddeke Law Firm has successfully handled hundreds of New Jersey Consumer Protection Law and Consumer Fraud matters involving Lemon Law claims, automobiles, real estate, boats, home improvements, swimming pools, furniture and other consumer products. We have a proven track record in this specialized area of law.

New Jersey Consumer Protection Law and Consumer Fraud

We regularly receive referrals from Consumer Affairs, State Police, attorneys, adversaries and even defendants we have sued. We have created precedent in the New Jersey Supreme Court including representing Circle Chevrolet in the landmark decision of Circle Chevrolet v. Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla which involved the entire controversy doctrine defense.

In the Wanetick v. Gateway Mitsubishi case we successfully argued the first case before the New Jersey Supreme Court in this millennium. In that case the Supreme Court affirmed the judgment that we obtained for the consumer at the trial and ruled that in consumer fraud matters the jury hearing the case should be given an “ultimate outcome” charge, i.e. be specifically informed that any damages awarded will be trebled and attorney’s fees will be awarded.

More recently, in a landmark sexual harassment suit filed against a Bob Ciasulli automobile dealership, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that a victim of hostile work environment sexual harassment may recover damages for mental anguish, embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress even if that emotional stress is not severe, there is no physical injury and the Plaintiff does not seek any professional treatment. This lower standard of proof makes it much easier for victims of sexual harassment to recover compensatory damages and punitive damages.

New Jersey Lemon Law

In addition to consumer fraud matters we represent clients in other areas including injuries from defective products, breach of warranty matters, automobile lemon law matters, concealed defects in homes, sexual harassment and personal injury litigation. Our fees are consumer friendly and tailored to meet your particular needs. Our pledge is to be “part of the solution not part of the problem.”

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